Welcome to Lecri Consult

A legal and Human Rights Consultancy.

Our Vision

To have a society where children rights, human rights and laws are well understood and respected by every citizen.


We traverse this beloved Tanzania to provided our services to our clients no matter where they are.

Our Services

Tailor made to meet and satisfy your needs when most expected.

Our Philosophy

We make sure everyone we encounter never remains the they were before. We take them to a better level .

Our Services

Legal Services

We  Draft legal documents and attestation, advise on how to proceed with Legal Procedures in relation to family and property matters, matrimonial cases, children adoption, custody of children, administration of estates and matter of probate. 

Policy Analysis

Policy design, its translation and actual analysis is done with meticulous accuracy and care. 


Conflict Resolution

Mediation, negotiation and arbitrary services is what do particularly to those parties that opt not to take any legal proceedings.

Capacity Building

Knowledge is power and those who have it are wealthy. We deliver various types of legal, child rights and human rights trainings to key decision makers, child rights professionals, legal professionals, and children.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Lecri Consult designs and employs proper monitoring and evaluation tools that can assist your organization to monitor or assess the child rights and human rights programme.

What makes us unique...


Our approach

We tend to understand our clients’ business and their core values and
key objectives.

We work together with our clients to conceptualize their ideas.

We integrate our core values in every stage of our business for the benefit.
of our clients


Our core values

Respect our clients, both adults and children.

Respect human rights.

Deliver quality products respecting Value for Money.

Your success is our success and we’ll give our best to be a part of it.


People Reached

Consultancies Done

Networks Made

Conflicts Resolved